Ravago, a global leader in the distribution and compounding of polymers, faced a daunting challenge: processing millions of invoices annually across various international divisions. With each country employing different software tools and a portion of invoices still being processed manually, inefficiencies and inconsistencies were inevitable. Ravago needed a unified solution to streamline their invoice processing and reduce manual intervention.

Consolidating the process

To address this complexity, Ravago turned to Klassif.ai. Our goal was to create a consolidated process that could integrate the disparate systems across Ravago's global operations. We developed an AI-driven model capable of understanding and processing a vast array of invoice formats and structures.

Klassif.ai was seamlessly integrated into Ravago's existing systems, providing a central point of control for invoice processing. The AI model was trained to recognize and extract critical data from invoices, adapting to the diverse requirements of Ravago's multinational operation.

Training the AI

The AI underwent extensive training to ensure high accuracy in data extraction from various invoice formats. The initial phase required close collaboration with Ravago’s team to fine-tune the AI’s capabilities. As the system learned, it began to autonomously process an increasing volume of invoices with precision.

Transformative results

Klassif.ai's deployment at Ravago yielded transformative results:

  • Consolidated invoice processing: Klassif.ai unified the invoice processing system across Ravago’s international landscape, providing consistency and reliability.
  • Scalability: The AI model demonstrated the ability to handle the massive volume of invoices Ravago deals with annually, scaling as needed to meet the company’s growing demands.
  • Reduction in manual processing: With Klassif.ai taking the lead, the need for manual processing was significantly reduced, freeing up employee time for higher-value tasks.
  • Enhanced accuracy: The AI-driven process minimized the risk of human error, ensuring more accurate financial operations.

Are you grappling with the complexities of invoice processing? Let Klassif.ai bring its bespoke AI extraction model to your business, and experience a new era of efficiency and accuracy in your operations.

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