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Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco, a leading manufacturer of industrial tools and equipment, manages over 80 customer centers worldwide. Their challenge was significant: handling thousands of incoming sales orders each week through multiple channels, including email and a busy webshop. The complexity increased with the variety of formats, such as emails and XML/CSV files from webshop orders, requiring a dynamic solution to keep up with the demand and maintain efficiency.

A dedicated AI model

In pursuit of a more streamlined process, Atlas Copco sought the expertise of Klassif.ai. Our collaboration began with training a dedicated AI model specifically trained to understand and process the intricate details of Atlas Copco's sales orders and purchase order confirmations, regardless of the format they arrived in. The implementation involved integrating Klassif.ai with Atlas Copco's existing infrastructure to manage both emailed orders and those received via the webshop. The system was trained using advanced machine learning techniques to identify, extract, and interpret the required information from each order with precision.

Making impact

Klassif.ai's impact at Atlas Copco was immediate and profound:

  • Automated Order Processing: The dedicated AI model successfully automated the processing of sales orders and PO confirmations, including those from the webshop.
  • Time Efficiency: By automating the extraction and entry of order data, Atlas Copco saved significant man-hours previously spent on manual data entry.
  • Accuracy: The AI-driven process reduced the error margin associated with manual handling, leading to a more reliable order processing system.
  • Employee Satisfaction: With the repetitive task of data entry now automated, employees could focus on more strategic and engaging work, enhancing job satisfaction.

Are you facing similar challenges with sales order processing? Discover how Klassif.ai can tailor an AI-driven solution for your business needs and make data processing efficient and enjoyable.

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