Automating order processing with artificial intelligence

Processing emails, PDFs and paper documents is time consuming. is an online platform that uses AI and natural language processing to automate these tasks.


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How we are automating order processing flows at our customers with artificial intelligence.

Improve your order processing with AI has four key components to improve your order processing workflows using AI. Combining these components allows to process emails, PDFs and scanned documents with a higher reliability than humans and at computer speed.


By connecting our platform with your systems, we seamlessly integrate into your current workflow. Several integrations are included out of the box such as, Outlook, Gmail, Dropbox and many more.

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For your employees, it’s business as usual. While they process documents, gathers labeled training data to learn the ins and outs of your documents. Ready to automate.

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Classify & extract

Using the training data, our AI models learn how to classify your documents and extract all your relevant information. These models are fine-tuned specifically for your documents to ensure maximum accuracy.

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The platform provides accessible analytics for optimal transparency. Evaluate and monitor the model's history and performance to further improve your workflow.

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How to start saving time

Using our knowledge from past projects, we've distilled seven simple steps for a successful project.

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The last couple of decades we've gained access to incredible technologies and still we are processing the majority of our document by hand. These repetitive tasks don't require our full attention and cost enormous amounts of time. These are the ideal tasks for an intelligent and self-learning document processing platform like

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Reduce manual tasks
Reducing repetitive tasks like processing documents is crucial not only for employee satisfaction but also to save time and costs. Tasks such as extracting information or classification can easily be taken over by
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Increase efficiency
By letting our platform do the heavy lifting, your people will be able to process more documents in the same timeframe. This increases efficiency and frees up valuable human time.
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Focus on adding value
Employees can now focus on adding value for the company by using their human intelligence to focus on more challenging tasks which are currently too difficult for algorithms to process.

Start saving time

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