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We help you reduce the time your organization spends processing documents thanks to artificial intelligence.


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Integrated with your workflows

By connecting our platform with your systems, we seamlessly integrate into your current workflow. Several integrations are included out-of-the-box such as Outlook, Gmail, Dropbox, etc.

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Effortlessly collect training data

For your employees, it's business as usual. While they process documents, gathers labeled training data to learn the ins and outs of your documents. Time for automation.


Automatically extract relevant data

Using the labeled data, our AI models learn how to classify your documents and extract relevant data. Our models are fine-tuned specifically for your documents to ensure maximum accuracy.


Closely monitor performance

The platform provides accessible analytics for optimal transparency. Evaluate and monitor the model's history and performance to further improve your workflow.

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Stijn Hoegaerts
Van Marcke
" results in ten hours saved per day on average. This is an immense amount of time that we can use for value-adding tasks now."
Read the case vs traditional OCR
Traditional OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Up to 93% accuracy
Up to 60% accuracy for known templates
After an initial training the AI will be able to process any type of order or invoice, from an existing or new client
New templates need to be set up for each client and every alteration
Gets continuously better
Performance stays the same
Powered by AI and machine learning
Power by rules, hard coded
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