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Automating document processing with artificial intelligence.
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Core functions of helps you process your documents more quickly with less effort. By releasing our AI algorithms, we can empower your employees to process documents 80% quicker.

The annotator’s annotator view enables your team to process documents more easily. The AI algorithm scans the documents and extracts the necessary entities with a certain probability percentage. Your team can easily check if it’s correct and approve the document to be sent to other, integrated systems.

Easy collaboration

Streamline teamwork with our powerful collaboration features: assign tasks to the owner, check if their work is in progress or done, or transfer tasks when necessary.

Birds-eye overview

On our dashboard, you can easily check which documents still need to be processed, which ones were rejected or already finished. Your to do-list has never been as clear.

Powerful integrations

Closely monitor performance

Just like a mature software project needs versioning and logging, so does a machine learning model! provides a model history, along with statistics that show you the model’s performance on real, unseen data.

Version your models, and roll back if needed! Evaluate your models by browsing statistics, and inspecting the model’s mistakes on the test set.Monitor the model’s performance in production by inspecting the activity log and the model’s decisions. Correct them to improve the model.

Frequently asked questions

What is helps your order processing teams to increase their productivity to up to 93%. Instead of manually entering orders or relying on low-performing OCR solutions,’s proprietary AI engine will manage any type of document (pdf, email, scan,..) and extract the data with high accuracy. Our in-depth integrations with any ERP system allows for seamless data transfers.

How does know what to extract?

By using, your domain experts will initially keep processing the data manually, and simultaneously they will generate valuable labeled data. This is done using our innovative labeling platform which allows users to manually structure data and send the labeled data to your systems.

Once enough data is gathered, we start the model building phase. The first model will already greatly reduce the labeling time and the customer can expect this time to decrease with each new iteration of the model.

How do you integrate comes with many built-in integrations such as Microsoft Outlook 365, Google Workspace, Dropbox, Google Cloud, network disks, KAFKA queues, databases, and many more. In addition, new integrations can be easily added to the platform, so we can integrate with your existing workflows.

Do I need to upgrade my current IT set-up?

No, a deployment will not require IT to change any of the existing systems, nor will we ask the business to change their processes. will be an add-on to an existing IT architecture. This allows us to deploy quickly and seamlessly. A typical implementation only takes 4 to 5 weeks. 

What is included in the enterprise plan? is an enterprise solution with a number of add-ons, below a non-comprehensive overview. Reach out to receive detailed pricing information.

- SSO/SAML Login
- SLAs (24/5 Helpdesk)
- Dedicated Account Manager
- Custom Integrations and API Responses
- Customized client onboarding
- Custom Data Retention
- Multiple licenses, models and workflows
- Personalized 1-1 team training

Pricing is calculated on a project-by-project basis. In order to work the pricing out for your project, we first need to see how we perform on some of your data (and the fine-tuning required). Once you've uploaded a few data points and we've processed them, we'll provide you with a quote.

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