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Manual labor, done artificially with Klassif.ai

Tired of processing thousands of documents manually? Discover the power of intelligent document processing.
Daphné Vermeiren
September 23, 2022

Have you ever asked yourself how much documents are costing your organization?

Before you start saying ‘my company went digital years ago!’, know that we’re not just talking about paper documents (though those are part of the problem), but documents in the broadest sense of the word: e-mails, pdf files, word documents, contact forms, invoices, bills, ... and the list goes on!

Many thought “going digital” would be the final solution in efficient data management, which might have been true in the early 00s. However, any scaling organization knows that managing growing digital dataflows can be a huge pain and an ever-increasing drain on your most valuable resources: your people!

Depending on where you currently are on your growth cycle, a few of the following anecdotes should sound familiar:

My salespeople are spending more and more time processing invoices and bills compared to talking to our clients.
Finding information in our cloud folders can be a pain, especially for new hires.
Unfortunately, we still need paper documents in our organization. We spend a lot of time scanning these documents or typing the information manually.
Managing our company mailbox has become a full-time job, though we spread the work because nobody likes doing it.
Our social media channels used to be a fun way to interact with our customers, but now it’s a chore to sort through all the messages.

Intelligent Document Processing

Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems! This is probably why the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) market is expected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 27-30%.

Unfortunately, these solutions are typically only built to solve one of these problems, aren’t user-friendly, require adapting to a new environment, only work in the cloud, etc. And who can blame them? Processing documents requires lots of brainpower, which is why humans mostly still do it, even though the repetitive nature makes it feel beneath us. This level of intelligence has mostly been out of reach for our computers, even after the AI-hype of the last few years.

But things have changed in the past few months. Language processing AI’s have improved leaps and bounds thanks to some newly developed algorithms (for the geeks: we’re talking about those amazing transformer networks you might have heard about).

A few months isn’t a lot of time, though, so you either get outdated software or software designed by AI experts with very little usability in mind. It’s hard to pick a good IDP solution these days!

Klassif.ai in action

So, where does Klassif.ai come in?

Klassif.ai is an intelligent document processing tool that focuses specifically on order confirmations. Our tool helps order processing teams to increase their productivity up to up to 93%. Instead of manually entering orders or relying in low performing OCR solutions, Klassif.ai's proprietary AI engine will manage any type of document (pdf, email, scan,..) and extract the data with high accuracy. Our in-depth integrations with any ERP system will allow for a seamless data transfers. If you want to see Klassif.ai in action, make sure to schedule a demo and taste the power of intelligent document processing.

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