Streamline your internal processes and offer additional services to your customers. in transport

The transport sector is a very large sector, ranging from parcel delivery all the way up to delivering large containers. Due to the explosion in online shopping, the number of deliveries has significantly increased putting a strain not only on our roads but also on the business models of transport companies.

To maintain profitability in this fast evolving environment, can help structuring all unstructured data, streamlining your internal processes and offering additional services to your customers.

Example cases

Automate incoming orders

In the transport sector, manually processing incoming orders, whether it is by mail or pdf, can be a time intensive job. can process these orders automatically, extracting, tagging and structuring all important information from the incoming order. The result can be presented for human verification before the order is actually placed.

Customer support

With, you can automatically route your incoming questions from customers to the correct person, using the built-in classification system. extracts all relevant information and even automatically prepares an answer, based on the extracted information. This reduces the workload of your employees and gives your customers a quicker response.

Client cases

Because we respect the privacy of our clients we are unable to publicly disclose existing projects. However, we are more than willing to elaborate on our way of working as well as the flow of our current and past projects during a call. Plan a call below or through our contact page.

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