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Lawyers, jurists, legal experts… have access to tons of information. Think about contracts, legislative texts, files, letters, emails, documents… Some of them still in a paper format, but even the digitalised information is mostly not structured. However, if all your information is properly structured, data becomes queryable and searchable in an intelligent way. Think about the new possibilities! makes it possible to classify every document to the right type: is it a contract, an NDA, an invoice, statutes…? Furthermore, all interesting named entities are added to the document’s metadata: dates, names, amounts, important statements… After the annotation phase, the system learns how to extract these entities.

Example cases

Natural language querying in legal contracts

“Give me all contracts that are signed by both parties.”
“Give me all penalty clauses for NDA’s with company X in the last year.”
With the combination of to structure all your data and natural language querying algorithms, all your data becomes searchable in a natural and intelligent way.

Email forwarding

Because every document can be classified by, you can enable smart rules to every incoming email: complaints go to person X, NDA’s to person Y and contracts from company A to person Z. This eliminates a manual forwarding step and a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings.

Client cases

Because we respect the privacy of our clients we are unable to publicly disclose existing projects. However, we are more than willing to elaborate on our way of working as well as the flow of our current and past projects during a call. Plan a call below or through our contact page.

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