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Lawyers, jurists, legal experts… have access to tons of information. Think about contracts, legislative texts, files, letters, emails, documents… Some of them still in a paper format, but even the digitalised information is mostly not structured. However, if all your information is properly structured, data becomes queryable and searchable in an intelligent way. Think about the new possibilities! makes it possible to classify every document to the right type: is it a contract, an NDA, an invoice, statutes…? Furthermore, all interesting named entities are added to the document’s metadata: dates, names, amounts, important statements… After the annotation phase, the system learns how to extract these entities.

Example cases

For all our legal cases we partnered with LEGILE, who focuses on digitization and automation of legal workflows.


Data management is a top challenge for lawyers and legal departments who have to go through huge amounts of information in order to build a strong case. There are plenty of e-discovery programs, but the costs are rather high, and it’s still junior profiles who must manually shift what is relevant. Even with software assistance, the process is time-consuming and process intensive.’s capacity for flexible data management can be leveraged to simplify the process.With the combination of to structure all your data and natural language querying algorithms, all your data becomes searchable in a natural and intelligent way.

Email forwarding

Because every document can be classified by, you can enable smart rules to every incoming email: complaints go to person X, NDA’s to person Y and contracts from company A to person Z. This eliminates a manual forwarding step and a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings.

Client risk & conflict checks assessment

Subsequently to e-discovery, can fill in anti-money laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF) risk assessment forms. can gather private or public information about the client’s products and services, or the length of their relationship with your firm or company, continue to run reports on this newly created database, and verify its completeness. The result is an exhaustive client profile, available in a matter of hours, with administrative costs 25-40% lower than those of manual performance.

Automate & Improve the Client Onboarding Process.

Onboarding new clients presents a unique opportunity to wow new customers and enhance loyalty. It can also be a source of pain for customers and organizations alike. From initial outreach to account open or service delivery, customers are asked to provide multiple forms of ID, fill out paper forms, visit a physical location, and answer the same questions multiple times. After all that, they wait days or sometimes weeks to access their new product or service. Leverage the power of AI to accelerate document-centric workflows and transcend lengthy client onboarding processes—for a great customer experience at sign-up and beyond.

Legal document classification

Using advanced document conversion, clustering, and rules-based classifiers, allows your firm or legal department to:

  • Automatically process massive volumes of unstructured data—creating actionable insights and revealing hidden value and risk.
  • Take documents from multiple lines of business, remove the ROT, and ensure that valuable assets (contracts, agreements, reports, and regulatory submissions) are grouped, enhanced, and easily searchable.
  • Eliminate the cost, risk, and inconsistency of manually processing rapidly growing volumes and varieties of documents and data.
  • Identify sensitive or pertinent data to manage compliance risk effectively or accelerate business decisions (e.g. process claims faster).
  • Mitigate risk by identifying classified documents and applying appropriate security measures or redacting confidential information.

DPA review tool

Privacy is getting increasingly important. Klassifai’s DPA-tool allows you to automatically verify whether a DPA (i) includes all mandatory principles in accordance to GDPR, (ii) is in favor of you, depending on your role as controller or processor, and (iii) involves certain legal risks for your organization.

Client cases

Because we respect the privacy of our clients we are unable to publicly disclose existing projects. However, we are more than willing to elaborate on our way of working as well as the flow of our current and past projects during a call. Plan a call below or through our contact page.

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