Extract relevant information with ease from all your medical records. in healthcare

Doctors, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals... all have huge amounts of unstructured medical data. Doctors often have to manually process lab results or reports from other doctors, wasting valuable time. Moreover, finding trends, correlations or even building machine learning models based on historic data is difficult without structuring the data first.

During clinical trials an enormous amount of data is generated. Clinical trial assistants nowadays spent more than 80% of their time labeling all data for further processing. enables doctors, researchers and assistants to automatically extract all relevant results and easily apply statistics.

Example cases

Extract medical information from doctor’s records

Lab results, doctor reports and medical records all have different structures and information. can easily handle a large variety of documents. Classify all documents, automatically add metadata to your documents and extract relevant entities. The result can be inputted right into the patient's profile.

Structure medical trial results

To draw conclusions and even apply machine learning to your medical trials, you need to first structure your data. With you can extract all results, no matter the input type (think about paper documents, PDF document and spreadsheets). All results are extracted by, structured and inputted to the digital trial results.

Client cases

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