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Almost every department in the government can benefit in some way from the use of NLP technology. Whether you're in a regional government, a federal government or anything in between, a lot of the challenges are the same. Document classification and entity extraction is an everyday task of many civil servants, wasting time and money. If our government can digitalise their work even further, with the use of structuring tools, processes can be automated further, statistics are more accurate and the open data offerings rise.

In our country, Belgium, there are no less than three official languages. Multilingualism is a challenge for every one of our six (yes, six!) official governments. Luckily, is able to handle documents in every European language!

Example cases

Structuring paper documents

This is probably the most obvious use case. A lot of public services generate documents of many different kinds. Citizen records, moving documents, marriages, divorces, child registrations, immigration... With even more structure can be brought in this rainforest.

Open data offerings

If all governmental data is stored in a structured manner, the government can offer a lot more data to the public. Traffic reports, climate reports, weather reports... all of them can be structured and offered as open data to anyone who is interested.

Email routing

Citizens communicate with governmental institutions, for example via email. The email needs to be read by the right person in order to get a valid response. Sometimes emails can hop from one person to another, wasting valuable time and increasing frustration with the citizens. When the email is automatically routed to the right person, the process is more efficient, cheaper and faster.

Client cases

Because we respect the privacy of our clients we are unable to publicly disclose existing projects. However, we are more than willing to elaborate on our way of working as well as the flow of our current and past projects during a call. Plan a call below or through our contact page.

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